The Legal Center
For Defense of Life

“The right to life is the first among human rights.”

Pope Francis

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What We Do

Who We Are

The Legal Center for Defense of Life, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is a group of about 80 volunteer attorneys serving the pro-life cause across the state of New Jersey.

Our Mission

The Legal Center has a profound, but simple mission: to defend the defenders of life. From abortion to euthanasia, the Legal Center confronts threats to the sanctity of life. Since its founding in April 1989, the Legal ecnter has stood up to the pro-abortion culture in New Jersey. It represents in court, on a volutary, pro bono basis, pro lifers who speak up for the babies, thereby giving them an effective voice in society. The Legal Center offers help and legal counseling to expectant fathers whose children are threatened with abortion and to expectant mothers who are being coerced into abortion.

What We Do

The Legal Center for the Defense of Life is the only organized legal effort in New Jersey dedicated to reestablishing justice for the unborn and the protection of law for all human life. No citizen confronted by litigation related to peaceful pro-life activities in New Jersey has had to pay an attorney fee in the last 26 years.
The Legal Center also gives extensive counsel, support and representation to peaceful citizens seeking advice or facing litigation because of their pro-life activities. The staff has handled thousands of phone calls, including many frantic ones from women in troubled pregnancies, and others trying to save the life of a child.
On a continuing basis the Legal Center gives counsel and support to needy, pregnant women and to peaceful citizens seeking advice or facing litigation because of their attempts to help expectant mothers and unborn babies. The Legal Center sponsors seminars designed to inform attorneys and citizens of the rights of peaceful pro-life demonstrations.